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If you’d like to become one of our premier Washington DC escorts, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Be at least eighteen years old.
  • Have your own means of transportation.
  • Have an outgoing, flirtatious, and friendly attitude.
  • Always be on time and reliable.
  • You need to be healthy, in great shape, and have the desire to please.
  • Have the desire to meet new people and experience a lot of new things.

Should you want to work for us, be sure to submit your application by filling out the form below. We will let you know whether your application was accepted once we get the chance to review it.

** By filling out the application form below and we deem you worthy of working with our service you agree that the agency payout is 50% which is in line with any other successful service in the industry. This fee goes towards having your profile listed on our site, bookings, advertising, screening and keeping you safe. Please zero pushback to the owner or operator after the fact about the payout as it looks really bad and unprofessional.


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